Performance Matters…

How many leads and deals are you losing this year from underperformance?

1 lost deal from a low-performing website can cost you $10k-$25k or more. See how Carrot helps you stop losing leads and deals.

Improve your PageSpeed, SEO, and Conversion…

When it comes to performance, we focus on keeping you ahead of the curve , it boils down to how fast it loads (Google loves that), how well it ranks in Google (to get you more exposure), and how well it converts visitors to leads.

  1. Is it optimized for all viewing devices (desktop, smartphone, tablets)?
  2. Does it convert visitors to leads with industry leading best practices?
  3. Does it load fast so users can navigate the site?
  4. Is the site laid out in a way that makes it easy to read and opt in?
  5. Does the website help you rank in the Google search results?

Carrot’s platform optimizes for all of these aspects and more. Our websites are built from data and tested designs.

Carrot stood out in my results like a cheetah in a world of slugs. Carrot websites are just plain fast.

In a recent study by, they found Carrot websites have the fastest average PageSpeed of any website builder in ANY industry in their analysis.

Where do leads come from?

These sources are where most traffic came from in 2016

Mobile Matters

Nearly 55% viewed Carrot sites on a mobile device.

Leads by state

Here is a list of the top 20 states for leads in 2016:

The busy season

Here are leads month over month:

Most visited pages

These pages get the most traffic

  • Homepage – 35%
  • Property page – 6%
  • Property Landing page – 2.5%
  • About Us – 2.5%
  • Contact Us – 2%

See How Carrot Helps Michael’s Business

Mike from Oahu Homebuyers, explains how Carrot has helped his business grow. His Carrot website is now one of the biggest assets of his business. His journey includes…

  • Michael comes from a tech background and launched a Carrot site vs. the WordPress site he invested thousands into.
  • He’s shifted all of his online energy into using Carrot to grow his house flipping operations in Oahu and San Diego because…of the increased performance and lead flow.
  • Michael now converts Carrot driven leads into 6 figure deals!
  • There’s a reason more high achieving real estate investors trust Carrot with their online lead generation than any other platform.
Mike B Loves How InvestorCarrot Has Helped His Business Grow

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